About Us

Bella Rose Naturals began when I was a single mom raising 4 children. I was inspired through an illness my son had at the time to make and sell heatable neck wraps, body wraps and eye pillows. These wraps were tremendously comforting to my son and helped relieve his pain. Knowing how much they helped my son I knew there were others out there that could benefit from these wonderful wraps. I began selling our herbal filled wraps at farmer markets. They did so well we decided to do bigger art shows and craft fairs. Over the years with the inspiration of my oldest daughter we formulated a body scrub. Another huge hit. Over time we formulated nutrient rich, all natural skin care products for your whole body. I now have a full line of skin care. Everything we have is family formulated and freshly handcrafted with skin loving oils and butters. Our products enhance your skins natural renewal process through exfoliation, regeneration and nutrition. We are confident you will enjoy our line.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin.